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Hey there! Welcome to Wanderlust Squared — we’re so glad you’re here.


Wanderlust Squared is the story of our travels together, the story of our life abroad, and a way for us to document the experiences that have shaped who we are and who we want to become. Join us in our journey! [Read our latest posts here.]

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Wanderlust Squared was born as an idea over dinner in Tacloban City, Philippines. We had been living in the Philippines for 4 months and were reminiscing about the past few years of travel and how much we appreciated traveling. We talked about how we wished we would have started a blog to document our adventures. Then we said, let’s just do it now, why not!?

The next day, the blog was live. We instantly realized how much fun it was to document our adventures and share them with our family and friends. In fact, one of the reasons we loved starting the blog was that it constantly reminded us to reflect on our lives living abroad.

Five months later, we started to think about how we could make our blog more unique and what we wanted to share with our readers. Here’s what we came up with (we hope you like it!):


Travel tips, know before you go’s, reviews, travel survival guides, and more for many of the places we’ve traveled in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. [Take a gander] and see if there’s something that’ll help you out or inspire your next adventure!


A product of passion — Kayla’s wanderplans aim to share her obsession with planning, organization, and general over-preparedness with any other travelers out there that proudly label themselves Type A (or really for anyone looking to plan a bit more for their next trip).

In the [wanderplans category], you’ll find fully planned itineraries for trips we’ve been on or plan to go on (customizable and downloadable!). You’ll also find a variety of planning tips, resources, and templates that’ll have you on your way to mastering travel planning like it’s your job.


Amazingly awesome and totally sweet videos that we’ve taken on our travels! Okay, we’re total videography novices, but we’re dedicated to mastering our GoPro and Drone skills. Humor us, and [take a look] at some of the footage we’ve gathered around the world.


You guessed it — another Kayla (aka Organization Queen) project! Our wanderlists provide uber-organized, customizable, and [downloadable packing lists] for a variety of travel types and needs. Whether you’re traveling internationally, domestically, to a beach in the Philippines, or to Ireland in October, Kayla has a list that will tell you what you need. Honestly, just print one out already!


This is essentially the catch-all section, or maybe it’s the misfit section!? There are many topics that we both enjoy writing about that just don’t fit anywhere else. Catch up on [Tyler’s Tidbits] (he laughs at the name, but secretly loves it) and [Kayla’s Column] (if you can think of a better name for this one, please tell us asap!).


meet kayla patterson

Kayla Patterson

A self professed travel addict, dessert lover, and social media nerd, Kayla is a small town girl living her dream and working abroad. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in marketing in 2012 and has been traveling the world ever since. After working a few odd jobs in college, you know — hostessing, housecleaning, the Allstate office secretary — she snagged an internship with  GoAbroad.com in January of 2011. In January of 2017, she and Tyler took a leap and moved to the Philippines for Kayla to manage GoAbroad.com’s Asia office as COO. Her adventures with GoAbroad.com and with Tyler, coupled with her love of organization and planning, provided the foundation for this blog.

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meet tyler packard

Tyler Packard

Colorado born and bred, Tyler — aka “Tpack” — is a small town boy turned world traveler, volunteer, and student. A sports fanatic, family man, and jokester, Tyler went from no plans to get a passport to checking if he has enough pages left for the next few countries he’s visiting. After traveling to the Philippines with Kayla in 2012 and spending 2 weeks volunteering in rural communities, he was hooked. He said yes when Kayla asked to move to the Philippines in 2014, and yes again when she asked to move to Ireland in 2015, and yes yet again when she said they’d go back to the Philippines to live long term in 2017. He now openly confesses that he loves being abroad and enjoys living the laid-back lifestyle in the Philippines, while continuing his studies online.

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When you list out all the countries and think about all the experiences, it seems like a lot, but when you look at a world map, it seems like so few! We like to look at a map to inspire us to keep exploring. Where are you headed next?

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