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International Travel Packing List || wanderlist by Wanderlust Squared

Putting together a packing list for international travel can be daunting — especially if it’s your first time, or you’re heading to a new country. After traveling to 10+ countries, and getting frustrated every time I forgot something useful, I finally learned to create a master packing list for myself. The list includes everything I generally want or need when I’m traveling internationally, and I can make tweaks to it depending on the location I’m traveling to.

My international packing list includes essentials (like my passport and travel insurance), toiletries and beauty items, entertainment and electronics, medicines and supplies, and additional “just in case” items. For clothing, I prefer to use the “clothing by day” method for trips that are 2 weeks or less, and my handy clothing checklist for longer trips.

Sound like something you want?

Good news! You can download it [HERE].

international travel packing list

Fair warning, if you download my lists, you’ve officially crossed over into my uber-organized, Type-A world. Some of you may relate, while others will say, “No way am I packing all of that sh*!”. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pack it all — just what you think you’ll need.

For example, if you’re traveling internationally for less than a week, you may not need laundry soap, and if you’re heading to Croatia in June, you definitely won’t need to pack snow boots.

If you’re wondering whether I have a packing list for your destination, take a look [HERE].

To experience my life-changing “clothing by day” packing method, check [THIS] out.

Am I missing something you really, really want? Let me know in the comments!

Happy packing!

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