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Clothing Checklist Packing List || wanderlist by Wanderlust Squared

If the “clothing by day” method isn’t for you, or you’re traveling for an extended period and daily outfits are not realistic, then my clothing checklist packing list may work better!

The idea of a clothing checklist is that you bring enough of each type of clothing item for your trip. For example, if you’re traveling to Europe in summer, you’ll probably want a couple t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts, but if you’re heading to Colorado in December, you’ll need pants, long sleeves, and boots. My uber-organized, customizable clothing checklist packing list lets you outline the quantity of each item you’ll need based on the trip you’re taking.

Awesome-sauce, I know! Download your own [HERE].

clothing checklist packing list

If you’re wondering whether I have a packing list for your destination, take a look [HERE].

Am I missing something you really, really want? Let me know in the comments!

Happy packing!

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