how to pack your clothing by day

The Life-Changing “Clothing by Day” Packing Method

I almost always find it challenging to decide what clothes to pack for international or domestic travel. I mean, what if I don’t feel like wearing that outfit once I’m there? #girlproblems #sorrynotsorry

When I discovered, the “clothing by day” packing method, and naturally applied my knack for being uber-organized and generally over prepared to it, my pre-travel anxiety over packing dissipated. What the heck is “clothing by day” you ask?

Here is a general outline of what I consider the “clothing by day” packing method:

  • Create a list of the days you’ll be traveling
  • Determine what type of outfit you’ll need each day; here’s my personal coding system:
    • Travel = travel day
    • Biz = business professional
    • Casual = anything I want
    • Fancy = can wear to a nice restaurant
    • Club = dance-worthy outfit
    • Beach = sand & sun friendly
  • Pick out your outfits, by day, according to your list
  • Only pack things you know you’ll love / be comfortable in!

Because I’m me, I still always bring an extra outfit, or at least an extra top that can be worn with a pair of jeans or something — you just never know!


clothing by day packing method

If the “clothing by day” method isn’t for you, or you’re traveling for an extended period and daily outfits is not realistic, then my [clothing checklist packing list] may work better!

If you’re wondering whether I have a packing list for your destination, take a look [HERE].

Am I missing something you really, really want? Let me know in the comments!

Happy packing!

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