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A Little Town Called Youghal

When I think back on the last few years it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite place or experience…there are things I’ve loved and disliked about everywhere I’ve been. However, for a little throwback post, I couldn’t think of a better story than the few months we got to call Youghal, Ireland home. (If you read that thinking…”some town I don’t know how to pronounce”…its like “yawl”!)

youghal ireland
A typical street in the seaside town of Youghal

The first time I visited Youghal, Ireland I knew there was something magical about it, and within a couple days, I knew I could live there. When the opportunity came up to go back for several months, I talked Tyler into it with little resistance.

I still remember our journey to our new home in County Cork like it was yesterday. We flew to Dublin via Washington D.C. and landed just before 6am on September 2, 2015. The sun was barely up and it was chilly. We took advantage of the free luggage carts and went in search of the bus we needed to catch to Southern Ireland. Tyler slept most of the way while I watched in awe as we drove through the countryside with a thousand shades of green.

traveling to ireland
Ireland bound!

About four hours later we arrived at the Cork City bus station, and transferred to our final bus. The next 45 minute ride was even more awe-inspiring as we rode through small town after small town, each with its own Irish charm and history. It’s amazing to me the clarity with which I remember these journeys — I think it’s because there’s something about traveling by bus/train/car that opens my eyes to where I am. Every time I’m taken aback and overwhelmed with gratitude and curiosity about where I am.

When we stepped off the bus in Youghal, we were greeted by our friends and colleagues, complete with a welcome sign. I remember a woman on the bus said, “I wish I was greeted like that when I got off the bus!” Feelings of comfort and genuine friendship were instant, which we quickly learned was common, as Irish hospitality is among the best in the world.

irish townhouse
Our townhouse in Ireland

We walked a few blocks off the Main Street to our new house on Ashe Street. Our friends helped carry our luggage and then left us to settle in. The next few months were filled with adventures, pubs, great friendships, incredible history, lots of bus rides, walks through ancient cemeteries and churches, pubs, incredible Irish music, walks along the beach, museums, laughter, and oh yes…pubs!

irish cemetaries
I literally love exploring old cemeteries and Youghal had more than one!

We’ll always be incredibly grateful and fond of our time in Ireland. It wouldn’t have been what it was without our roommates and friends in Youghal, so for any of you reading this, thank you for making our time in Ireland one of the best experiences we’ll have ever had. We love you!

friends ireland
The night Tyler and I made cheeseburgers for our friends and roommates 🙂

There are countless stories and posts I could write about Ireland, so keep an eye out for my next throwback! Until then…check out our most recent posts.

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