[#TBT] A Little Town Called Youghal

When Tyler and I created Wanderlust Squared we talked about how we wished we would have started it years ago -- because we've had so many amazing experiences around the world that we want to share! So we figured, why not write about them still and throw on the title #TBT for Throwback Thursday!? Perfect,... Continue Reading →

Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta!

Fiesta is one of my favorite things here in the Philippines. It reminds me of one big block party. Each barangay, which is the Filipino term for neighborhood or village, has their very own Fiesta each year. In most cases, Fiestas are in honor of a barangay's patron saint -- each community was assigned a... Continue Reading →

Small Town to Big World

My friend and mentor, Troy Peden, graciously wrote this piece for Wanderlust Squared to describe our shared belief and experiences in the transformative power of travel. I have so much to thank Troy for, but at the top of the list is helping make becoming an expat in the Philippines a reality! Here's whatΒ Troy has... Continue Reading →

Becoming an Expat in the Philippines

As the cliches go...I took the leap, I dove in, I just did it! But really -- how and whyΒ did I become an expat in the Philippines? How did I become an expat in the Philippines? The story really begins in 2011 when I accepted an internship with GoAbroad.com. I was a junior at Colorado... Continue Reading →

The Island That Can’t Be Named

In April 2017, we embarked on our very first beach camping trip in the Philippines. While camping in the outdoors isn't new to us, we're used to pine trees, mountains, lakes and campfires, rather than palm trees, islands, the open ocean, and open-air cottages.

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